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This talk text was copied from the biblioholist talk page to show why the redirect was reversed to make this page, biblioholic, the main page.

This page looks incorrect. biblioholic is redirected here, but I can find no references to the term biblioholist on the Internet. I suspect the word has been invented, in which case it should be deleted and the text of the article moved to biblioholic. Graham Chapman

I disagree. The word "biblioholism" has numerous references (when using Google or Altavista) Ted Longstaffe

I think you miss my point. There are plenty of references to biblioholism, but not to biblioholist. Consider alcoholism - a sufferer is called an alcoholic, not an alcoholist. Similarly with biblioholism, shouldn't it be biblioholic? Graham Chapman

And of course we would have specialic instead of specialist. However the preponderance of web hits come down on the side of biblioholic so I guess you win this round.

--- So then how do you distinguish between a biblioholist and a bibliomaniac? Eclecticology

I thought a bibliomaniac was someone who goes crazy in a library (probably some poor homeless guy looking for some warmth). Sort of like a postalmaniac <gr> Ted Longstaffe

But should this be an entry in an encylopedia at all? It looks like a simple dictionary definition to me, and I can't think of anything more to add to it myself. Bryan Derksen

Yes, I quess you could have an article about notable biblioholics, confessed biblioholics and suspected ones. Might even be able to throw in the history of the term and maybe how its use has changed through time. However I've never heard the term used before so would have a hard time adding to it either. Google found about 300 hits so I'm confident that the term nominally exists -- just isn't widely used. --maveric149, Thursday, May 30, 2002