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Fixed up some grammar and a few minor things with the translation section.


Is it necissary to write 'ass' as '@$$'? It looks extremely unprofessional. -Priester

I agree, within the context of a "hillbilly" play on words, it is not profane. It is the informal name of a body part rather than a crude insult. Anyone who can figure out that "@$$" means "ass" has seen the word enough to know what it is and how it is spelled. They are capable of determininng whether or when it appropriate to say. You could use "a--" to be more in keeping potential obscenity laws. I'm not sure whether Wikipedia is bound by them. It is an adult term used on an adult program, even though nearly all gradeschool children have heard it and know what it means. Changed "@$$" to "a--". -Jason

Could we possibly get a better picture for this article? Its the same one thats used for the Blue Collar Tour however Ron White was not a major part of the show and he only made a few guest appearances.--Aml830 06:07, 5 June 2006 (UTC)

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A request for comments has been started that could affect the inclusion or exclusion of episode and character, as well as other fiction articles. Please visit the discussion at Wikipedia_talk:Notability_(fiction)#Final_adoption_as_a_guideline. Ikip (talk) 11:22, 3 February 2009 (UTC)