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This article has acquired a number of grammar and tense problems, but the Plot Summary is also guilty of editorializing on the film at a number of points. This section could conceivably be boiled down to an actual summary (rather than the blow-for-blow movie review it now offers), and made non-pov. 20:18, 19 March 2007 (UTC)


I've made three changes to the Plot Summary to correct inaccuracy.

  • The passage regarding Marcus' encounter with a figure in the woods was strained. It suggested he avoided the figure by "rounding a corner" or somesuch after being startled by thunder and lightning. This is not what the scene depicts. Marcus sees the figure, believes it to be Sara, calls out and rides toward it. There is a flash of thunder and lightning, and the scene goes black. Then he is riding out of the woods (not "round a corner") looking behind him. He has obviously lost time, and does not remember meeting the figure he was approaching and finds himself leaving the wood; he later discovers that he is now a vampire. It is revealed in the climax that Lady Durward has the ability to hypnotise with a gaze and force people to forget anything she wishes; this is what has happened here.
  • The passage in which Kronos and Grost kill Marcus suggests that Marcus died by touching a cross to his chest. This is false. Marcus had been wearing the cross round his neck, it had been in contact with his chest for some time. When Kronos realizes Marcus is dead, he must prise the cross out of Marcus' chest; it has pierced the abdomen, it takes a bit of effort to remove it and there is visible blood. Reviewing the scene, Kronos slaps his hand to Marcus chest to restrain him when Marcus pitches forward to avoid Grost's flame; this is the force needed to plunge the cross into the chest wall. Marcus had been wearing the cross, touching the cross to the chest did not kill him. Piercing his chest with the cross did.
  • The description of the climactic scene states that Lady Durward attacks Kronos while crying "tears of blood". No such thing happens. The blood stretches from her forehead and diagonally across her nose and cheek; tears do not fall in this manner. Also, the blood appears while Lady Durward is still mesmerized, at the exact moment that Kronos sheds Hagen's blood with his killing stroke. An earlier scene in which the vampire attacks and kills two people in a cottage featured the spraying of the victim's blood across a lantern globe; was the lantern crying tears of blood as well? Lady Durward is snapped back to consciousness by the splattering of her beloved husband's blood across her face at the moment of his destruction, and realising what has happened launches a frenzied attack against Kronos. (talk) 15:07, 2 November 2008 (UTC)

dead toads[edit]

Does anyone know if the 'vampire giving life to dead toads' is based in actual folklore or was it made up for the film? It sort of sounds feasible, what with toads living in damp soil, people might have thought they were crawling from their graves but I've only ever heard this in connection with this film. Wonderful film, by the way, the whole series really should have got made!!!Velvetycat (talk) 14:22, 22 October 2009 (UTC)