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flag and coat?[edit]

Flags of Puerto Rico gives several flags. The only ones that would apply are the cross of burgundy flag and the colonial flag, from 1873 to 1875. The flag article has a sourced statement saying "The Spanish Army designed the "Burgundy Cross Flag" and adopted it as their standard. This flag flew wherever there was a Spanish military installation". Currently we are using the Spanish flag, which is not mentioned anywhere in the flag article. The Spanish version of the flag article does mention this Spanish flag as "Flag of the maritime garrisons, castles and defences of the coasts of the Spanish territories (1793 - 1898)", so I suppose that the Spain flag is correct?? Maybe the flag article in the English wikipedia is incomplete?

The flags in Spanish wikipedia are a result of an agreement to use only the latest flag in these articles, because the flag changed several times and you can only put one flag in the infobox. I really wish that people left pointers to this sort of discussions when making changes.

Coat of arms of Puerto Rico gives only one coat of arms since 1511. It's different from the coat of Spain that was added a few days ago. The Spanish article has yet another coat the coat of Spain with the arms of Granada. I have left for now the same coat as the Spanish wikipedia, it was the current coat when the captaincy ended around the 1890s.

As a general rule, I propose that we use the flag and coat that were used when the captaincy was ended, not the ones that were used centuries ago when it was founded.

--Enric Naval (talk) 12:56, 8 November 2012 (UTC)