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Future Contributions Needed for CLA Wikipedia Page[edit]

1.) Additional reaction schemes depicting full kinetic mechanisms of other reactions that involve the use of CLAs.

2.) A section on Lewis Base Assisted Chiral Lewis Acids.

3.) A section devoted to the synthesis of Chiral Lewis Acids.

4.) A historical perspective on the use of Chiral Lewis Acids.

Tag placed because ...[edit]

...most citations more than 15 years old, all more than 5 years old. No mention of work of Evans, Jorgensen, Pfalz, Carreria, etc. This undergraduate lecture note set does a better job of covering (and so Boger and Evans sets would do all the better):  :*

Desparately needs attention. Critically important chemistry subject. Simply cannot link to this from other articles. LeProf — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 23:42, 4 December 2013 (UTC)

In re: mid-importance...[edit]

In 2007, I believe, Novartis gave Harvard a 2M $US endowment, to recognize work on development of new CLA-mediated organic reactions, because they were so critically important to cost-effective chemical synthesis in modern drug discovery and development. So, mid-level importance based on what exact criteria? Broad ignorance of importance should not equate to unimportance in a good encyclopedia. LeProf