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This article does not offer useful information for people unfamiliar with the case. Further, it was submitted by an attorney for the coalition (conflict) and contains misleading and prejudicial language. This is an attempt to use Wikipedia as a vehicle for pushing an agenda. I live in one of the communities described as "rich" in the article. We are currently firing teachers in our own school district and cutting back course offerings because we can't afford them, and yet we pay for Claremont's as well. I live in a town of 7,000 and Claremont is a city of 30,000.

Examples of bias are:

"poorer communities ended up claiming resources, mostly monies, from richer communities within the state" - Claremont has far more resources available than we do. We're hardly rich. The phrase is a characterization and does not provide information. It is intended to get a sympathetic reaction.

"could not afford to properly fund their schools" - What does properly mean? While Claremont was buying property to speculate on, purchasing new fleets of vehicles for city services, maybe they could have "properly funded" their schools. This sentence means nothing and again, is designed to prejudice the reader in favor of the plaintiff, without providing any facts.

You get the idea. I hope that Wikipedia will not allow itself to be used in this fashion.

Steve Smith PO Box 624 Charlestown, NH 03603 603-826-5940

Thanks for your contribution. Wikipedia is the encyclopedia anyone can edit - feel free to edit the article yourself. DJ Clayworth (talk) 20:36, 19 January 2010 (UTC)