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Quotes from other actors not portraying the character[edit]

Hey, Nk3play2. There is a quote in here from Jussie Smollet, but in the Lucious talk page, you discussed that we should not use quotes from other actors in describing these characters. I also just noticed a quote in the Jamal article from Howard's POV. Thus, if the Lucious article is to be written from Lucious' POV or how Howard interprets Lucious, then as this is a Cookie article, it would be appropriate to write from Cookie's POV or how Henson interprets Cookie. We should write the Jamal article from his character or actor's perspective as well. OR, if we change how we approach this section and allow the outside quotes here, then we should put back the Henson and Howard quotes for the Jamal article. Either way, these pages need to be congruent to one another. We shouldn't apply the rules set only to the Lucious article and not the other Empire characters. Kinfoll1993 (talk) 03:10, 16 March 2015 (UTC)