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The article includes Brooker and Ware Islands as part of the Deboyne Islands group. This is incorrect - just check maps and charts. Brooker Island is also called Utian, and is in the Calvados Chain, not the Deboyne group. And Ware - more accurately spelled Wari, also known as Teste Island, is south of Basilaki, some 135 km slightly south of east from the Deboyne Group. On the other hand, there are islands in the Deboyne group not mentioned in this article: Nivani, Pana Uya Wana, Rara, Losai, Nibub and Passage Island. Some might argue whether the Redlick Islets and associated reefs (immediately SE of Deboyne Atoll separated by the South Passage) are or are not part of the Deboyne group. Personally I think not. I am editing the article to reflect these corrections. Ptilinopus (talk) 02:10, 12 June 2012 (UTC)