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Article scratches the surface of deep house but it does not get too in detail about its origins or its current state — Preceding unsigned comment added by Soroushh (talkcontribs) 18:41, 16 April 2017 (UTC)


This article needs to be re-written from scratch. Also there's no way Basement Jaxx can be given a deep house classification. Deep house is my absolute favourite genre of electronic music - where are the current masters? i.e Shur-i-kan, Ben Watt, Tom Middleton, Office Gossip etc?


I think this article is not in the spirit of Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a source of information about particular subjects. Such topics such as scientific or other have extremely in-depth points, history, and future of the subject. The user learns a great deal by reading the article. "Relatively slow tempo" does nothing for the average user to learn about the very specific genre of music. Any attempt to add to this article is immediately removed to the same un-informative paragraph and links to dj's that are not the founders of the music.

Timmy Regisford[edit]

a deep house page without timmy regisford is like egypt without her pyramids. everytime i placed his name it was removed. there are plenty of links to attach to his name so not providing one is not justifiable. please make the necessary changes to include this very important historical figure. thank you.