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Welcome to the Rave WikiProject!

Poi done right!

Nuvola apps kate.png Goals and background[edit]

  • As a person involved in the rave scene since 1992 or thereabouts, I'm upset with the shoddy condition of the various rave related articles on wikipedia. I have therefore started this wikiproject in the hopes of improving the general content of our articles on rave related subjects.  ALKIVAR

Scope and Motivation Scope[edit]

  • The project covers all articles about the rave scene, both the music, the dancing, the DJs, the clubs and events as well as issues related to organizing such events.
  • It also covers articles about the culture itself, its history, the people involved both as promoters and organizers as well as the audience crowd.
  • finally the project also covers the rave scene's relations to society at large, e.g local authorities, legislation and law enforcement issues, and it covers recreational drug use typical of many raves, presently and historically


  1. [qub/x q;o++a] ++ 09:56, 10 February 2017 (UTC)
  3. Coolgamer — Count me in. I might have missed the scene, but I've amounted enough of a collection to have some knowledge.
  4. drn8 - Midwest, Drop Bass era, Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago.
  5. Erik7013 - Antiloop
  6. User:Exception03 - US West Raver
  7. Jumbo Snails
  8. JunglistCal - UK Raver, first hand experience in the underground.
  9. Lighthead þ - High amount of interest in drum and bass.
  10. Input Flip — I am in guys
  11. maxrspct ping me - Lots to give
  12. meco — Particular interest is the Ibizan club scene.
  13. Nick Cooper - Do what I can
  14. shamanchill - starting by alphabetizing this list! Founded R351570R in Toronto, Psychedelic/Goa DJ and promoter.
  15. SteveDavey - I'm in. Hi!
  16. Trance addict - Armin van Buuren - Oceanlab
  17. Triddle — I'll do what I can
  18. xaosflux Talk — I'm aboard.
  19. User:X-Pert420 — Ive been in the sceene for 6 years (maby sooner cuz I cant remmember before then much...) since I was twelve. All about the PLUR and im a notorious Kandi Kid. Love to Help.
  20. User:Zadora13 - I'm a DJ myself, so I'm always making sure there's a good source of info for my fellow DJ's.
  21. User:AlmanacManiac - I'm in!
  22. Kathodonnell - I'd like to help out where I can. particularly with Australian (mostly Sydney/Brisbane). I'm also working on a separate Brisbane archive project & other Australian music genres on WP
  23. DynamicUno - I have been a part of the rave community for almost a decade, and I've been writing (about raves and a great deal more) for even longer.
  24. Matthew locke - I have also been a part of the dance community, I'm a forma record producer and Dj who is now in retirement.
  25. Noahk11
  26. mkantonelli1 Interested in hard house and derivatives.
  27. Yoshida Keiji Cyber Trance Tokyo period 2002 - 2006, also beginner DJ.
  28. Sexualharrison lighting designer at raves worldwide starting with storm raves and NASA.
  29. Kevin Arnold - Fan of music festivals and raves worldwide, been in the scene for 6 years.
  30. Rio65trio — enjoying techno and club culture as well as DJing since 1996

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  • I've used two foreign language Wikipedia articles as grounds for expansion and also added a couple of external links. There is quite a bit more in those external articles and probably other places also if others wish to spend some time on this seminal element in the birth of house music. __meco 23:59, 6 September 2007 (UTC)

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