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The UN's arms control inspectors, headed by Hans Blix, have rejected Iraq's claim and agreed with the US claim, that Iraq has WMD.

I dont recall Blix actually stating "I agree with the US, Iraq clearly has WMD" Susan Mason

I don't know what the writer had in mind, but the closest thing I can think of is Blix's remarks to Time Magazine just recently where he said he didn't believe that Iraq had destroyed its stockpiles of antrax and other chemical weapons. Maybe a more specific quote could be included.. there is one in one of the other articles. -Jazz77

Why doesn't the page mention that the U.S. attack on Iraq would be a violation of international law? --Daniel C. Boyer

Because u haven't added that. Susan Mason


Is there a reason this article has not been merged with Iraq disarmament crisis? It seems rather outdated -- for example Hussein 'denies' WMD (present tense & by now well-known as true). Does anyone object to a merger, then deletion of this article? Wolfman 00:47, 19 Sep 2004 (UTC)