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Hello everyone. This page has recently moved from the source-sink dynamics page. I think it could use a few more empirical examples of traps and there is still to evolutionary trap page! —Preceding unsigned comment added by BruceALRobertson (talkcontribs)


Hello. I've just converted the reference format to a more conventional (= non-academic) format. I found a number of cites to references that are not currently included in the article, and have tagged these up with a {{fact}} tag. I've hidden the original cites so that the editors who added them can still find them in the text, however. There are a large number of references which are not cited in the article's text - I've moved these to a "Further reading" section, although ideally they'd be incorporated somehow. Cheers, --PLUMBAGO 07:52, 5 September 2008 (UTC)