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Removal of Comment and Link[edit]

Hi Gunnar

I added a link to the emergency services page and some other pages related to emergency services, which you have since deleted as a spam or commerical link.

The link takes people to the international index of emergency service site which allows emergency service worker share expertise. I realise on reflection that I should have put my added article in a bit more context although I feel the link was as relevant as the NREMT which appears within wilkipedia on a number of pages and is as relevant to the link I inserted. The only difference between many of the link are they are American based and the other is not, this is the case of the Index link, which caters to a broader population than the US.

There was no intent to spam. I will re-think about how I should write an additonal piece so it can not be view as an "advert".

I am happy to discuss this further and comply to your rules. I am sorry if this has caused some distress.

In conclusion I think my addition to Emergency Services should be re-considered and the link is relevant to all who work in emergency services. If the link I proposed is considered inappropriate, then organisations such as commerical builders of ambulances (which appear on the ambulance page) and the National Register of EMTs should also be removed to ensure equity.

Look forward to further discussion

Andrew McDonell —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) .

The NREMT is an established registry established by the American Medical Association, and many other established organizations, founded after recommendation by a presidential commission. If you have a comparable international association link, feel free to link it, but discuss link inclusion on the talk pages of the relevant articles, and I suggest trying to get your link accepted to Paramedic first, without trying in other articles.
Your website seems like one of many catalogue services, and it is not scheduled for publication untill 2007. I did a search for some selected high-population countries without finding any people. On closer inspection, I see that sending an application costs 100 USD minimum, which is expensive for what is only a resume database — a service that is usually free of charge for resume-holders. First-year membership in the AMA, for example, is 210 USD, but that is a full proffesional association, with lobbyists and lots of member activities.
If you can find a better international site, I'd be happy to see it included. Thank you. --GunnarRene 09:59, 2 October 2006 (UTC)