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Discussion Topic Replies (estimated) Archive Link
Measurements 1 Talk:Famke Janssen/Archive 1#Measurements
Question about her stage name 2 Talk:Famke Janssen/Archive 1#Question about her stage name
Jean Gray "Highly Coveted Role" 2 Talk:Famke Janssen/Archive 1#Jean Gray "Highly Coveted Role"
Sections about the character Jean Grey 1 Talk:Famke Janssen/Archive 1#Sections about the character Jean Grey
Trivia 1 Talk:Famke Janssen/Archive 1#Trivia
Ava Moore? 2 Talk:Famke Janssen/Archive 1#Ava Moore?
Is she in "Superman Returns"? 0 Talk:Famke Janssen#Is she in "Superman Returns"?
Pronunciation? 7 Talk:Famke Janssen#Pronunciation?
Photo 4 Talk:Famke Janssen#Photo
Citizenship 1 Talk:Famke Janssen#Citizenship
Meaning of First Name 2 Talk:Famke Janssen#Meaning of First Name
Clarification Needed 2 Talk:Famke Janssen#Clarification Needed
In popular culture 1 Talk:Famke Janssen#In popular culture
File:Jean Last Stand.jpg listed for non-free content review 1 Talk:Famke Janssen#File:Jean Last Stand.jpg listed for non-free content review
Vital statistics 18 Talk:Famke Janssen#Vital statistics
She was born in 1964, not 1965! 12 Talk:Famke Janssen#She was born in 1964, not 1965!
External links modified 1 Talk:Famke Janssen#External links modified