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From the history of the article:

  • 22:12, 16 November 2007 Philip Baird Shearer (foothold link to airhead)
  • 04:23, 17 November 2007 JBK405 (They might be creating an airhead (Which, by the way, I had no clue could be used in any way except as a deragtory comment about someones intellect), that's not what "foothold" explicitly refers to)

I came to this article because of the link to a page called foothold and this edit] this edit to the foothold page which I reversed because it is OR.

If the word foothold is to be linked -- which I am not sure that it should. Then be aware that the OED meaning is:

  • 1. A hold or support for the feet: a surface (secure or otherwise) for standing or walking on; firm or stable position of the feet.
    • b. transf. [the first example of which is] "R. L'ESTRANGE Fables cccxxxiii. 291 All fell to Work at the Roots of the Tree, and left it so little Foot-hold, that the first Blast of Wind laid it Flat upon the Ground."
    • c c. fig. [and these are the definitions supplied:] "1660 H. MORE Myst. Godl. I. v. 15 Those parts of the World where their Philosophy had taken foot-hold. 1855 H. REED Lect. Eng. Lit. IV. (1878) 150 The Saracen was driven slowly from his last foothold in the west of Europe. 1864 Theolog. Rev. Mar. 19 As one foothold of belief after another is taken away."
  • 2. ? U.S. ‘A kind of light india-rubber overshoe, leaving the heel unprotected; a sandal. Sometimes called a tip.’ (Cent. Dict.)

In military terms a foothold is not a very precise term, usually one would use bridgehead, beachhead, or airhead, and when they become enlarged they all become a lodgement. A tenuous foothold is probably one of the former three, and a firm foothold is a lodgement (as is supported by the quote in the lodgement article).

The page Foothold is a redirect to lodgement, but in this fictional universe it is probably closer to an airhead if it is to be linked to any article. When reality catches up with fiction and Wikipedia catches up with reality then there may be a more appropriate entry such as "planethead" or "spacehead", but at the moment either this word should be unlinked (with a footnote) to 1.c from the OED or is should link to airhead. As I have already linked it to airhead and JBK405's revert it, I'll put in a footnote instead. --Philip Baird Shearer (talk) 14:22, 17 November 2007 (UTC)