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1 Jan 2012 expansions[edit]

I put in a good deal of work on this article tofay and hopefully have moved it far past stub status. My ability to do my best editing is limited by circumstances but I think it is in good shape and is actually an important topic to many scholars. I filled out the citations, provided the text of the charm in the original, offered balanced RS views on it (to my mind) and I am pretty happy with its condition. The mention of the Lorsch Bee Blessing is quite important and I am about to create that article.

Again, my present circumstances make editing extremely tedious. Restoring deleted material, copying material around, or moving takes quite some time. In consideration of this please discuss ay necessary changes or attempt to preserve any material if possible. I appreciate any feedback or proposals for change and of course edits as anyone may see necessary. Thank you for your help and consideration. Obotlig (talk) 05:38, 1 January 2012 (UTC)

Original text[edit]

I have carefully (I hope) made the AS text precisely match Kemble's version on page 404, aside from using bar accents per the ang.wkipedia standard practice (and as modern scholars use). However I do not have a photo of the manuscript and Kemble's is not the only version (I think I had used Grimm's before and it was hard to read). Kemble is at Google books in good readable condition and he was the original scholar. In my understandaing the accents were never used in writing AS and I don't know if Kemble recorded it all as-written or as well as he could make it out and with some interpretation, since Grimm disagreed about one word (wille-wilde) and given variant spellings etc. If anyone comes across a manuscript photo please add it, but I think we should use Kemble's version (aside from bar accenting) and I believe I have matched it. Obotlig (talk) 21:24, 1 January 2012 (UTC)