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Incomplete notes[edit]

The article is imcomplete:

  • Pilgrimage of Grace - sources, including expectedly reliable ones contradict each other on this history. I have noted this briefly in a footnote (also noted by others), and have attempted to write based on what I would expect to be the most reliable sources - however the usually reliable Oxford University press "History of Hull" is so far off other modern works that there may still be issues here. This probably needs a history expert to sort out.
  • There is much more that can be easily written about the Castle and Citadel. is a good start, plus the sources given in literature. There have been numerous excavations and publications on this
  • "Legacy" - I haven't covered - there is the excavations at Beverley Gate which are an open air exhibit, the former "turret" once at "Khyber Pass", East Park, now in the Victoria Dock Village. Plus there is supposedly a lot of the foundations east of the river still underground. I think a gun was found in an excavation and is in the Hull archaeology museum..
  • The late outer defences of the city walls - "Hornwork" was added around the time of the civil war - this is shown in some maps, but not in maps currently illustrating. This is a must for an illustration.
I'm not a historian. So the article won't be getting any better under my steam. Thanks.Oranjblud (talk) 15:18, 1 May 2012 (UTC)

Sentence structure and wording.[edit]

  • "Pilgrimage of Grace" subsection.
In the third paragraph, second to last sentence, the wording; "...they were attacked whilst retreating {by} they were attacked from the town by a party led by the Mayor...", does not make sense. I initially assumed the word "by" should have been "but" except the rest of the sentence still would not make sense. Someone please fix this?