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Possible POV issues[edit]

(Note: I have left similar comments at Talk:Bari Region, Somalia.) After already stating (albeit without providing sources) that the Leelkase clan makes up most of the population, the article goes on to say that the water system "was founded by a group of Leelkase businessmen." Assuming that the population data is true, this seems like a given, so I'm not sure why it was necessary to specify the clan background of the investors. Forgive me if I'm not assuming good faith. Recently there has been a series of edits to Somalia-related articles (mainly those about regions and clans) on the part of various anonymous editors, and my gut feeling about this activity is that one or more people wish to assert one clan's superiority over the other, and they are using Wikipedia articles to do so. Even if I'm correct, this doesn't necessarily apply to whoever added the information in question to this article. But I'm not sure such edits contribute much, either. In any case, references would be helpful.

I've also rephrased "Western Somalia Region (Ogadenia)" to indicate that the area (officially) lies in Ethiopia. This is not meant to deny that the area is historically disputed (see Ogaden War, Greater Somalia). -- Gyrofrog (talk) 19:36, 6 December 2005 (UTC)


A quick Google search on "Galdogob" did not produce many English links (just this site and its mirrors). Other links appear to be in the Somali language. The town does not appear on this map nor is it listed at The latter lists three cities in the Mudug region and this one is not among them. Its ostensible population is much larger than the three that are documented. -- Gyrofrog (talk) 18:31, 19 December 2005 (UTC)

The population numbers change drastically, seemingly whenever someone edits the article. In the absence of verifiable numbers, I have removed the population estimates from the article. I propose that any further additions of these numbers must cite a verifiable reference. -- Gyrofrog (talk) 06:18, 13 January 2006 (UTC)
For lack of a contemporary central census bureau for Somalia, I'd recommend searching the UN website for any estimates. If quoting educated guesswork doesn't appeal to you, hunt down a copy of the last official Somali census (when was that -- 1980s? 1970s?) & offer those numbers. -- llywrch 20:41, 12 February 2006 (UTC)
I'm taking a look around the UN website. I did find a map which places the city very close to the border with Ethiopia. It also looks like the name is variously spelled "Goldogob" "Galgodob" (wondering if the latter might have been a typo). -- Gyrofrog (talk) 18:26, 1 March 2006 (UTC)

I also suspect that this is a clan inflation issue, a quick look at Google Earth shows some settlements in this area but nothing as substantial as that claimed by the author. (User: Jakbec 1st Sept 2007)