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Proposed merger with McAfee VirusScan[edit]

  • Comment - Not sure whether this is a good idea. I installed McAfee a few weeks ago and picked up this during a scan, I then wrote the article. There's not a great deal of information about it, but then it's a fairly new virus. I guess the two important questions here are: a) Does it have any relevance to McAfee? and b) Is McAfee the only scanner which picks this up? If the answer to these is yes then I would support a merge. If no then I would oppose it.
looks like this page has been merged with McAfee page. Artemis is not on that page though. Came here through Artemis disambiguation.
Feel free to add some information if you have some sources. Paul MacDermott (talk) 11:59, 6 September 2012 (UTC)