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Title correction[edit]

"Interfaces: An International Journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Science" -- quite a mouthful! Its publisher is not the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Science, which would BTW be bizarre English rather the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS). And a quick visit to their site would quickly give the impression they intend the subject pub to be referred to as Interfaces. A more thoro search shows that the phrase "Interfaces: An International Journal..." does occur on the INFORMS site (which, IIRC, numbers some 5000 pages): 18 times, of which Google considers 11 not substantially identical. Of those 11, all use the plural "Sciences", and each is for a press releases from the late 1990s or early 2000s. IMO, we would find another title for it even either the singular or plural version were the official name.
In theory, the title Interfaces (presently occupied by a Rdr to the Dab Interface) could be pressed into service as the article title, but (as an experiment of nature has just nicely shown!) occasional overlooking of the S would be likely to lead to confusion. Since the home page for the journal now starts with the superscript-ish headline "The INFORMS Journal on the Practice of Operations Research", dab'ating with an abbreviated clarifying phrase -- hence Interfaces (operations research) -- should suffice well, and i'm making the move from the absurd and twice erroneous title without delay.
I'm not going call the resulting article a silk purse, but as much as i endorse more careful research and editing, it's a great thing about WP that we can say "Sow's ear? Yeah, hand it here; i can probably make something out of that."
--Jerzyt 06:19, 4 August 2009 (UTC)