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The taxobox lists this species as Dromaeosauridae(?). Where was this proposed? The original authors consider it a member of Avialae (which may or may not include Dromaeosauridae), but more thorough, yet-unpublished analysis has it firmly within Troodontidae. I'm going to revise the article accordingly, and add a secton briefly discussing its taxonomy. Dinoguy2 21:42, 8 December 2005 (UTC)

Related dinosaurs?[edit]

"this conflicts with the analyses below. Possibly Pedopenna too. Jinfengopteryx is either troodontid or incertae sedis between troodontids and scansopterygids."

I'm not sure what the complaint is here--that Microraptor is related to Jinfengopteryx? It doesn't say membrs of the smae family or even linage or clade... As the Mahakala paper points out, the basal members of all these paravian groups are very similar, they just happen to clade on one of three or four sides of a basal split. I think it's worth noting that Jinfeng lacks feathered legs when several other basal paravians have them. The placement of the cite needed tag makes it look like hte fact Microraptor has leg feathers is under debate. Dinoguy2 00:46, 11 September 2007 (UTC)