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I believe the title of the article is wrong. As far as I can make out the name of the dance the Tonga rugby union team do is called the Kailao not the Sipa tau. GordyB 19:21, 9 Jun 2005 (UTC)

I have moved the article accordingly.


The Kailao and the Sipi Tau were confused in this article, but are two completely different dances. I didn't want to delete the info on the Sipi Tau, so it is still there. So you know that I'm not misinformed, I am Tongan and have been performing Tongan cultural dance since 1994, competing in dance competitions in New Zealand and Tonga, and touring New Zealand and Europe in its folk festivals with the Kafaola and Siueli 'oe Pasifiki Tongan cultural groups.

I just want to know why this song, that supposedly has nothing to do with rugby (if you read this article) has lyrics that pertain specifically TO rugby union (maul, loose forwards, half-backs, etc.) This is a BIG non-sequitar and must be changed accordingly.