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okay, the info is all great and such, but a picture really needs to be added.

I agree, but let's not add a picture just for the sake of adding a picture. I just removed logangilmore.jpg because, aside from not being a particularly good photo, it has a giant blank spot on the right edge. Furthermore, the copyright status is unknown. There have got to be plenty of images that are better than that one that will not infringe copyright. I will keep up the search, but others should do so as well. -Pjorg 00:13, 28 July 2006 (UTC)


The bottom is not true! Her staff unanimously compared Paris to Hitler- only worse because "at least Hitler left his bunker every once in a while to walk his dog".

Article Not NPOV[edit]

This article is very one-sided at presenting Logan's character in a positive point of view, while playing down his bad points and making him glowing where there should be much more neutrality (i.e. the statement that Paris is a dictator-like editor; she's high-strung to be sure, but this is an overreactive statement). The entire article reads like something you read on a fan site for Logan or the Logan/Rory relationship, and needs a major cleanup and NPOV viewpoint.

Also, there are spoliers that are not pointed out and need to have a spoiler tag in front of them. - Mrschimpf 06:10, 6 Februar

Not a narrative[edit]

Folks, this page should not be a blow-by-blow narrative of every single little thing this character has done and every appearance he's made on the show. Things like "...leaving at 10 p.m. the next day..." belong in episode summaries, not character articles.