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Hi Dragonfly, My name is Richard Manning; user RCJM5 and I just put up the dates and roles of my immediate family over the last 4 generations, as Horseracing Officials in the UK. But pretty much immediately saw that it had been deleted/taken off. By a few different people, it seems. Although the page administrator is Dragonfly, as above. + Mean as Custard & Yunshui...

Could someone explain this to me, please ?

Being new to contributions to wikipedia, you may need to point out something to me that I have missed. I do think that the Mannings in Horseracing deserve to be more visible to the world, even if you don't want to include me. Probably the oldest family in Horseracing from the point of view of from father to son and everything that I put up is factually accurate.

Additionally Thomas Manning (Sinologist/Explorer) from Norfolk is not included on the Manning Surname page, although he is on wikipedia elsewhere. He was the first Englishman into Tibet and met the Dalai Lama in 1811. I personally feel that there should be a reference to him on the page?

I have also been researching the name in Ireland for a number of years and have a few additions, even amendments that could be made. In particular the link between the Galway Mannion/Mainnin/Manning names during the 17th Century which is very interesting.

So could the Primary editor/Dragonfly (?) please contact me and/or the person involved with the Irish content. It would be good to communicate and exchange notes.

Kind Regards

Richard (Manning)