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Matutinal is a word in it's own right and not just about bees and not all bees are thus anyway[edit]

This entry is more of a Wikidictionary entry than a Wikpedia one. The text of this entry implies that the word is primarily used to describe bee behaviour. This is incorrect, the word describes any activity relating to early mornings around dawn. The reference (1) used does not mention bees but has a correct definition. I can see that the entry's text is actually lifted directly from the definition which is circular as it points back to the Wikipedia entry and even in it's own exaples there are no mentions of bees. Having searched bee behaviour references it seems to me that early morning activity is not a characteristic in most bees as they prefer to be active later in the morning once the temperature rises. There may be some bees which are active early morning but they are not in the majority and they do not define the words Matutinal and also the word Matinal which is redirected to Matutinal.Andrew ranfurly (talk) 12:23, 29 April 2017 (UTC)