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Potential links[edit]

Potential links are the first instances of:

  • clans, subclans, and locations, where possible.
  • For Powindah, there is a Powindah disambiguation page and the only mention of tribes is Kochi people. Is this the right article to link to?

Where the places are small, there may not be articles, but where there are articles, it would be great to link to them.

You can find other articles by searching on the names of places, clans, etc. to see where there are existing articles. Sometimes the names might be a little different, like searching on "Pathan tribe" returns Pathans of Punjab and Pathans of Uttar Pradesh. So, then the question is - do one of these apply. If so, then you'd add the link to the article that applies. If you still want it to say Pathan tribe, the way to do that is [[Pathans of Punjab|Pathan tribe]], or whatever article it should point to as the first part of the link.--CaroleHenson (talk) 21:52, 25 November 2016 (UTC)


  • Re: According to the book, Imperial Frontier: Tribe and State in Waziristan by Hugh Beattie, the estimated population of nomadic Miani tribe was about 800. - was that about 1850? Another time? Done, it was the 1870s--CaroleHenson (talk) 01:15, 26 November 2016 (UTC)
  • I don't understand this sentence: ... in Rata Kolachi Deiry Form (commissioner Baagh) Kokar, Madhrah Saidan Punjab in Riyaz Abad, Jhang, Chok Azam, Sahiwal Are these all locations? What does commissioner Baagh mean?
  • What do the items that I temporarily put in "Other" refer to?

Thanks!--CaroleHenson (talk) 21:52, 25 November 2016 (UTC)

Struck out as not applicable at the moment. If sources can be found for the info about specific places, we can address it then.--CaroleHenson (talk) 00:33, 26 November 2016 (UTC)


I am having a very hard time finding citations, including these passages:

  • Regarding their settlement in the Gomal area, it is said that the area at that time was ruled by the Katti Khel Nawab's. In the meantime, a war broke out between the Bittanis and Ghurazais (a sub tribe of Kakars). The Ghurazi's requested the Powindah Mianis to help them against the Bittanis, which they readily provided and expelled the Bittanis out of the Gomal Plain. The Miani's preferred to settle in the plains of Gomal and formed their villages, now known as Gardawi, Kot Murtuza (known after their Chieftain Murtuza Khan), Kot Nawaz and Kot Khaddak. Hassan Khel and Ibrahim Khel are the main sub branches of Miani tribe. Hassan Khel are further sub divided into Durri Khel, Mala Khel, Ali Khan Khel, Sultan Zai, Roomeazai etc whereas Ibrahim Khel are further sub divided into Hamza khel, Essa Zai and Arbana etc. Other clans are Nowrozai, Sulemzai, Sher khel, feroz khel, Mirgul khel, Khwajer khel, Ladarzai, Husainzai, Kala khel etc.
  • Miani tribe also inhabits the Harnai District of Balochistan under the leadership of Malik Abdul Sattar Maini in Sharigh, Malik Haji Muhammad Rafiq Miani. The language of Harnai Miani is Salgaro. The Jaffar tribe of Musakhel or Musakhail District of Balochistan are also the descendents of Mianis.

Can someone find sources for this info?--CaroleHenson (talk) 23:29, 25 November 2016 (UTC)

Failed verification[edit]

These failed verification:

  • Within the Khan district, they are located in Rata Kolachi Deiry Form (commissioner Baagh) Kokar, Madhrah Saidan Punjab in Riyaz Abad, Jhang, Chok Azam, and Sahiwal.[1][not in citation given]


  1. ^ a b Rose, Horace Arthur. A Glossary of the Tribes and Castes of the Punjab and North-West. 3. New Delhi: Nirmal Publishers & Distributors. p. 101. ISBN 81-85297-70-3. 

--CaroleHenson (talk) 23:41, 25 November 2016 (UTC)

Potential source[edit]

Is it possible that this tribe Miana, Miani, Mian, etc. is of the same tribe? This group are fishermen and have villages in the Sind. And/or a group called the Miani that were in India and members of Pathan nation in India - see column 2, Pathans?--CaroleHenson (talk) 01:02, 26 November 2016 (UTC)

Comments in draft space[edit]

Symbol opinion vote.svg Comment: I have made copy edits, found sources, and moved content without sources or that failed verification to the talk page. It would be good, though, if someone familiar with the topic could look it over. And, there are a few questions on the talk page. It should be soon ready to move into article space - just needs some input. CaroleHenson (talk) 01:18, 26 November 2016 (UTC)

Symbol opinion vote.svg Comment: Great, the citations look much better! There is still some copy editing needed and wikilinks. 1) I am happy to do some copy editing. I don't understand some of the text. I'll pose questions on the talk page about the parts that are unclear to me. 2) Can you look for what articles could be linked to, like the other clans, districts, etc. that are not already linked?--CaroleHenson (talk) 21:05, 25 November 2016 (UTC)

Symbol opinion vote.svg Comment: I see that there has been a lot of work on the article, but there is still some more work needed. I have added a few wikilinks, but there seem to be other links needed below, but you just need to link an article once. Copy editing is needed, it's a little hard to read through at times. There are some citations, but the lack of page numbers is bothersome. The first ciation is an example of a good, complete citation. It would be good to get complete citation information for verifiability. Is there a way to break this up so it's easier to read than a big block of text? It would be nice if at least one picture could be added, but that's optional. CaroleHenson (talk) 06:53, 25 November 2016 (UTC)