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Grammar cleanup[edit]

A question on street reference conventions in Denmark, anyone know. I left the phrases street Istedgade and street Kompagnistræde unmodified, though they seem awkward. Given that this is in Europe and I am in American I am unsure if this is correct as written. Even in America, naming conventions vary from region to region. I would think that if street appears first, it should be capitalized, such as in France, Rue de Paradis. If it remains uncapitalized then it almost appears to be an adjective. I would think that word order change would be more proper, such as Istedgade Street. This seems to be more prominent when juxtaposed with the last sentence of the article; “Part of the street was turned into a museum street featuring historic street furniture.” --Geneb1955Talk 06:49, 16 July 2014 (UTC)