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Some initial thoughts and mods[edit]

Let me start by saying I did not create this article, I'm apparently just the first to critique and try to improve it.

Following up on a discussion we've been having on the Category talk:Network service page, I added a hatnote from here to that category, which seems a better approach than adding this article to that category because it clarifies the relationship vis-a-vis any other categories we might add this article to; puts the link to that category at the top of this article, just like the return link is at the top of that category page; and doesn't add a redundant return link to that category's page list.

I also took several stabs at revising the lede, trying to adequately convey the relationships between clients and servers, hardware and software, architecture and implementation. I also tried to get in an appropriate set of links without over-linking.

IMHO, the rest of the article needs help:

  • The examples section is mostly a list of links that seems redundant to the category list. Maybe all that is needed is a paragraph within the lede mentioning two or three examples. Otherwise, more prose is needed, perhaps differentiating different types of services (core-networking services like DHCP and DNS, versus web applications such as email, etc). In that case, the section head should be something like "Types of services", rather than Examples.
  • I have no idea why this article includes a brief discussion of TCP/IP port numbers. It seems out of place to me. If it belongs here, it really really needs work.
  • The See also section links to four articles on various types of businesses that provide network services over the Internet for a fee, rather than the types of network services, which it's probably appropriate to reference there. I just hope that list doesn't get too long. It also included a link to the SNMP article, which I moved into the Examples section because it seems to me that it does fit in this category. Joeldbenson (talk) 16:53, 1 May 2013 (UTC)