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How can one copy this page to a new one called "open services access"? This "architecture" is completely wrong. Thank you -Mark Dmarkdurrett (talk) 13:24, 10 December 2012 (UTC)

Hi, in a presentation accessible from the ETSI website the abbreviation OSA is spelled out as "Open Service Access" (and not Architecture). Does somebody know where the 'official' meaning of OSA can be found? I looked also on 3GPP and Parlay websites: it's always Open Service Access, though I found some publications from third parties that call it Open Service Architecture. If nobody contradicts, I will change the wording in this page (and also the text on the page with the abbreviation OSA).

This definition is wrog. If I have a time I will fix it.


I bet this wrong spelling of OSA is a mixture of Open systems architecture and Open Services Access. Could any registered user change it as suggested above?

No it is not. See The TS 29.198 specification is named "Open Service Architecture (OSA) Application Programming Interface (API) - Part 1", on the other hand the TS 29.198-01 is called "Open Service Access (OSA) Application Programming Interface (API); Part 1: Overview". Maybe Open Service Access handle the application side, and the Open Service Architecture deals with the Gateway part? --- 01 aug 2007, fatso

I found the reason: in 2000 the 3GPP decided to rename "Open Service Architecture" into "Open Service Access". See also the 'pink' note on --- 02 aug 2007, fatso

This architecture / access mixup is present in the article, and it makes wierd reading - am fixing it... actually it needs a redirect too. Ooskapenaar (talk) 19:30, 3 December 2009 (UTC)