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Improving and expanding this article[edit]

I suggest that this article could be usefully expanded to cover all piano ensemble music, and feature some prominent performing groups (and historically famous combinations?). This last edit (thanks User:Mlaffs) at least tidied up the duet/duo distinction/confusion, but this still has an awkward range -- if one-piano-four-hands is 1P4H, this covers 1P4H and 2P4H, while there are separate stubby pages for 1P4H (Piano four hands) and 1P6H (Piano six hands), and perhaps others.

What would be the best title? "Piano ensemble(s?)"? "Piano ensemble music"? ... are there any relevant guidelines? Any other suggestions about content?

Brian Chandler Imaginatorium (talk) 18:47, 24 October 2013 (UTC)