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FAQs regarding QuickPlay[edit]

How to reassign the QuickPlay button in Windows?[edit]

HP notebooks assign the QP.exe program to the QuickPlay button through a program called QPService.exe, which is usually started with Windows. To reassign the button for starting a different program than QP.exe, first rename or delete QP.exe in the 'Program Files/HP/Quickplay' folder and then a) either move or copy the desired program directly into this folder and rename it to QP.exe or b) write a batch program to start the desired program from its native directory. In the latter case, the batch program named QP.bat would need to be placed in the 'Program Files/HP/QuickPlay' folder and to be converted to the new executable QP.exe by a freeware tool such as batch2exe or Bat_To_Exe_Converter. For a short introduction on batch-to-executable conversion and download links, see e.g. the Computer website. A sample batch script named QP.bat to start e.g. the Windows program charmap.exe might contain just two lines:

start c:\windows\system32\charmap.exe

kill QP.exe

The first line starts the windows utility charmap, the second line closes the command-line window, which would otherwise stay open until the charmap.exe program had been closed. Note: The most intuitive solution, the placing of a shortcut of the desired program into the 'Program Files/HP/QuickPlay' folder and renaming it to QP.exe, will not work.