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Hey i just glanced through your article..

  • Just wanted to tell you that few terms have been linked which don not exists as a wikipedia article.
  • in this formula
  • it will be a lill more clear if u put"( )" after 'P'
  • And i guess a little more explanation in "Total Impact of Risk" is required.

just a few suggestions... in case u want to take it..

Anu2033 (talk) 05:36, 14 October 2011 (UTC)

Hey Anu2033, thank you for reviewing this article, just understand a few points which I have to make,
  • This article is distributed under the Creative Commons license. Hence, I do not claim it as my article as you have pointed out. Yes, I have started and made some edits, but it is not my article, it belongs to everybody who so wishes to see and edit.
  • I have placed an under-construction template in which case, I would expect you to wait to judge this article till the time the template has been removed. In any case, if you do find certain Orphaned links, see Wikipedia:Orphan, do assume Good faith and correct such orphaned links instead of just writing them in the discussion tab.
  • Firstly, that is not P, that is rho. Secondly, the format is in subscript hence, I do not feel the need for the use of parenthesis. Thirdly, I understand the discussion page might want for more informal chatter but lill on Wikipedia?? Seriously??
  • Again my point being I have done what I can, and will keep on editing in the future. If you feel you have certain sections to add esp in the sub-section Total Impact of Risk, then please be my guest, that is the whole concept of Wikipedia.
Thank you for your suggestions, they were lovely, however, again, please assume Good faith and try to help in this article than just give suggestions to the editors editing this article.
Debastein1 (talk) 19:44, 14 October 2011 (UTC)