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The Sudhan (Sadozai) are living in kashmir. They are also other areas of world. But large in number in kashmir.

Origin of Sudhan Tribe of Poonch[edit]

There are reasonable grounds to believe that Sudhans of Poonch are the descendants of "Sawet Huns" or "White Huns". Huns were great warriors who originated in the central Asian plains. Hun or Han dynasity also conquered and ruled China for centuries. The greatest Hun conqueror was "Atila the Hun". Hun history is worth reading, they even conquered the city of Rome and that too when Roman Empire was fully strong. One branch of Huns, namely "White Huns" came down to Bamian region of Afghanistan and established a small kingdom, somewhere around 5th century. Later, White Huns attacked India, destroyed Budhist monasteries in Takht bai, Nowshehra and Taxila. White Huns conquered most of Punjab and established their seat in Sialkot. The white Hun King who reigned from Sialkot was called "Mehrgul" or "Mehr Kula". Later, White Huns Army were lured into Northern India and they were decisively defeated by a larger united Army of Indians. Mehr Gul was successful in saving a sizeable chunk of his fighting force and escaped towards the mountains of Kashmir. White Huns finally established themselves in Poonch hills.