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Saltation: more properly: a step motion[edit]

The act of analyzing the flight path, since a "suspended particle" more properly is going through loops and whorls, and has a chaotic path, is better described as a step motion, or a step function. The beginning and ending conditions, the place of beginning, and the final resting spot are really of the only primary concern. I do understand the desire to analyze a "linear" flow path versus a "turbulent flow" path. (Confer: Reynolds number, of Fluid flow dynamics).

I am offering this discussion because of the use of the term Saltationism in Punctuated equilibrium. The term is equally a linguistic term, relating to a beginning condition, and a final condition. A Step Function (the path of 'flight' not always knowable).

I am trying to point out that the concept of Saltation, is more important than the physical examples in the bed of a river Limnology, dune building with Eolian processes, or Punctuated equilibrium, a term directly implying saltation.--Michael McA,YumaAZ,USAMmcannis 17:31, 14 May 2006 (UTC)