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Trump death squads... according to Buzzfeed[edit]

FIRM41 added multiple bare refs to the same Buzzfeed story through-out the article, then near the bottom, used the same ref to support the addition;

The Trump Administration increased it's use of SAD paramilitary officers in direct unilateral operations to kill terrorists worldwide. “It’s a small number where it has been kinetic, but it is happening,” said one source. “They are getting people on targeting lists. Small teams are locating and killing bad guys. That’s what we are doing.”

The links were modified by Kkuchnir, then I, at first, filled in and condensed the refs and copyedited the added content. But with further consideration, have reverted all of it out. The Buzzfeed story only mentions "unnamed sources", while adding that a CIA spokesperson, by name, denies the story. I also see that at numerous entries at WP:RSN, Buzzfeed has been challenged as a source and repeatedly found unreliable. I think that if/before this content gets re-added. it should be supported by more solid reliable sources. - theWOLFchild 20:43, 24 March 2018 (UTC)