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I'm also studying this novel for A-Level and I love it. Not all my class shares my enthusiam but each to their own. I believe the novel had a fantastic ending which was totally unexpected. Stephen being what he was, was such a shock (won't say what as not to spoil it for anyone not actually read it) however the fact of who the tramp was, was not so much a suprise. However one thing I am not clear on is that what was Keith's mum doing; was she having an affair or just taking things from Auntie Dee?

JohnKingsnorth: As far as I know Auntie Dee used to go and see the 'tramp' herself, but then became unable to because of the arising suspicions of the neighbours. Instead, Mrs. Hayward delivers the parcels and sends letters to him. Not sure this really answers the question though.

SaveMySoul: Mrs Hayward was originally doing nothing more than delivering things from Auntie Dee to the "tramp" but she has an affair with him. Considering who the "tramp" is, it is ever so slightly sick... It does explain Keith's father's actions towards his wife if he was suspicious (I shall assume you know which actions I'm talking about). Hope this is of help!

Mrs Hayward is actually having an affair with the "tramp" (uncle peter) such things as the brushing of her hair! and the fact she has to watched by mr hayward, in the later chapters of the book. To be honest this book is about putting your own interpritation into the story,thats why Frayn chose to write it the way he did.

Come on people. "it was always you bobby" He was always in love with keith's mum. And she quite obviously felt the same, which is why keith's dad was so quick to forbid her from going to him when he found out. Obviously peter settled for dee, and in the end when dee and keith's mum fall out and dee moves away, dee's finally admitted to herself that she's just second best, and she resents keith's mum for it. personally, i think this sub plot would have made a much better novel, or atleast an amazing ending. the real ending was a complete let down, and such an anti-climax it makes me hate the whole thing. although, the sexual connetations between stephen and barbara berril are absolutely classic! "'Urgh!' she gasps. 'It's absolutely beastly!'" haha i will use that in my AS exam if it kills me! Now seriously, why on earth does the internet not have character profiles and such of Spies like it did for Lord of the Flies last year? they're both exam texts!

I believe that Mrs Hayward is not having an affair with him however does feel an attraction to him and uses him as an excuse to get away from her husband, however, being an upstanding women she does not act on her feelings because of her sister. The answer to why she takes the food is because the "tramp" devolps a soft spot for her and I believe asks for her to come more often. Mrs Haywards sister takes offense and so does not speak to her and then Keith has to go insted of her.


Perhaps it's not surprising since the book is a school text that nobody likes, but this page seems to be coming in for more than it's fair share of vandalism. RobbieG 13:46, 25 May 2007 (UTC)


Since when?!? The source given says nothing of the sort! RobbieG 14:56, 18 June 2007 (UTC)

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Stephen's Age[edit]

According to the end of the book:

  1. Stephen and his family left Germany in 1935.
  2. Geoff was 6 years old when his family left Germany.
  3. Geoff is 4 years older than Stephen.

Therefore, if Stephen was 2 years old in 1935, he must be 7 in 1940 and 12 in 1945. Assuming that this was the summer of 1944, Stephen would have been 11 years old. Thanks for reading maybe put this into the article (talk) 19:18, 23 April 2016 (UTC)