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Q: Why isn't there a list of characters?

The master list is on the series article. On that note, while confirmed playable characters are listed there, they are not listed in the Brawl article. Only minor examples of each notable set of info are listed on that page to keep clutter down, and additional examples will not be added. Since there's already a full character roster for all three games on the (series) page, there is no need for a similar list at Brawl.

Separate Characters (FAQ)[edit]

Q: Which characters are actually characters? Is Pokémon Trainer one or 3? Are Samus and Zero Suit Samus one or two characters?

To answer we will use this link, which contains a specific number from Sakurai himself. Here, he states that there are 39 total characters. We try to include the game's creators' opinion as far as characters go.
Zero Suit Samus[edit]

Q: Is Samus getting replaced in Brawl by a blue-clad version of herself without her Power Suit?

Nope! Samus simply has a new, additional form: Zero Suit Samus.

Q: How does Samus become Zero Suit Samus?

After Samus performs her Final Smash attack, all of her Power Suit armor falls off and she turns into Zero Suit Samus.[1] Alternatively the player may enter in a specific taunt sequence to remove the Power Suit at will. [2]

Q: If both Samus and Zero Suit Samus are in the game, how will they be different?

Regular/Power Suit Samus has more power and defense, and tends to use her Power Beam as a projectile. Zero Suit Samus has more speed, and lacks the Power Beam cannon, instead using a gun (or "paralyzer"), which is also used as a whip. The two also have a separate set of attacks.

Q: How does Zero Suit Samus change back into Regular/Power Suit Samus?

Zero Suit Samus uses her Final Smash to change back into Regular/Power Suit Samus. [3]
Giga Bowser[edit]

Q: Giga Bowser is confirmed by the official site as a playable character! Where is he in the article?

Giga Bowser is not a "true character" like the others-- Bowser transforms into Giga Bowser when players activate Bowser's Final Smash attack. After a short time, however, they turn back into regular Bowser.

Q: Well if Giga Bowser is "not a true character" shouldn't we take down Zero Suit Samus as playable character too?

Unlike Zero Suit Samus, Giga Bowser is not currently listed on the playable characters table, while Zero Suit Samus is listed as a "newcomer" by the official site. In addition, Zero Suit Samus is a long-lasting transformation with a separate set of moves from Samus, much like the distinction between Zelda and Sheik, while Giga Bowser is only a temporary powerup. Consider Giga Bowser to just be an upgrade, like a Metal Box or a Super Mushroom.

3rd Party Characters (FAQ)[edit]

Q: Metal Gear was on the Nintendo Entertainment System, so Snake is a Nintendo character. Why does the article say otherwise?

That's not quite what it means to be a Nintendo character. In previous iterations of the Super Smash Bros. series, the fighters came solely from Nintendo's first and second party developers-- they only included characters that are owned in whole or in part by Nintendo. Third party developers, such as Konami (the company that created Snake) may make games for Nintendo consoles, but they are not owned by Nintendo itself. For more information, check out the articles on first-party developer, second-party developer, and third-party developer.

I Want Character/Stage/Item/Etc. to be in Brawl! (FAQ)[edit]

Q: I really want this character/stage/item/etc. to be in Brawl! I add it to the Wikipedia article for the game but it always gets deleted. What am I doing wrong?

It is great that you're so excited about Brawl but, Wikipedia is not for adding your suggestions-- the developer won't see them here anyway! You should only post facts about the game in Brawl's article and talk page. However, there are lots of great places to write your suggestions! There are lots of gaming-related discussion boards on other websites where other fans would love to hear your suggestions, and every Wikipedia user has his/her own User Page where you can write whatever you want!

Super Smash Bros. DOJO!!

Q: What is "Super Smash Bros. DOJO!!?"

Smash Bros. DOJO!! is the name of the game's official website [4]. The game is still set to be titled Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

DOJO!! Updates

Q: Hey, the site just released information about a new character/stage/item/move/etc. Can I add it to the article?

Nope. If we put everything new from Smash Bros. DOJO!! in the article, it would be way too long and cluttered, as discussed in this essay.

Developer (FAQ)[edit]

Q: Who is developing Brawl? Why isn't "The Studio" listed?

The game credits 19 studios for the development of the game. Some of these studios are well-known, like Sora Ltd., Game Arts, Monolith Soft. Others are more obscure.[5] Sora is listed since the director gets credit for everyone's work.

Release Date

Assist Trophies (FAQ)[edit]

Q: What are Assist Trophies, and should we list them on the page?

Assist Trophies are items similar to Poké Balls that contain a random cameo character who will appear and help the summoner or affect the battle in various ways. Like with Pokémon in Poké Balls, making a list of Assist Trophies should be avoided in order to conserve space for more significant information. However, the info can be added in each individual character's article instead. Please do not confuse Assist Trophies and Playable Characters-- the player can't control these characters.

Other News (FAQ)[edit]

Q: I just heard news from a small, non-well-known, or unverified source. Can't I bring it up in the talk page?

No. Nintendo releases all of its news through verified sites and people. Only Nintendo representatives, official Nintendo magazines, Smash Bros. DOJO!!, and Nintendo's official website give information official enough to go in the article. Certain well-known sources, such as print magazines and industry websites, may also be used, in the case where their information is unquestionably clear and legit. Japanese magazines/websites must have translations available from trustworthy sources, if they are to be used. Please don't clutter up the talk page with information from non-suitable sources, since they won't make it into the article anyway.

Q: I have theories on new characters/moves/items/etc. Can't I share them?

Not here. Just like with your suggestions, there are lots of places to talk about theories. But Wikipedia isn't one of them. Wikipedia is only for things we know will be in the game for sure, and the talk pages are for discussing the article about the game, not the game itself. Sharing theories can be fun-- but instead of posting them here, try going to one of the many gaming-related discussion forums around the 'net, where people would be far more excited to hear theories and suggestions. You could also set up a webpage for your theories, or put them on your Wikipedia User Page, where you can write whatever you want!

Q: Hey! Nintendo has announced that 4 characters and 2 stages are going to be added in Brawl via downloadable content! Why are my edits being removed?

The above link does not actually link to Nintendo Press Room, but rather to 110mb, a host sharing site. That implies that it was an April Fool's Joke, as there no links in the site that takes the user to Nintendo.

Please consider using the search archive box and talk page before making changes that are not minor edits.