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The Mission is a small Edinburgh based nightclub located in Studio 24, on Calton Road, a ten minute walk from the Scottish Parliament and Hollyrood Palace. The two floored nightclub is stricly a rock venue and regularly holds "The Mission Jnr" on Saturday nights (6pm-10pm) and "The Mission" (11pm-3am).

Every couple of IS GAY weeks, the Mission acts as a venue for a local band, the most famous of all being the Grunge band Nirvana, who played in their early days.*

Last year, several students complained about noise levels and "anti-social behaviour" before and after "The Mission Jnr" and Edinburgh Council decided to revoke Studio 24's license, and there was a "Save Studio 24" campaign. However, this easily gained the 1000 votes necessary and the license is being reconsidered. The Clientelle of the Mission would like to point out that "it was not us who was making noise, it was Neds (townies, chavs, etc)". It is commonly known that Neds (or Non-Educated Delinquints) attack Goths, Punks, Moshers etc, etc. Although this isn't the case as many goths trashed a graveyard which is pure sick.

It was also common knowledge that the site was being used by said social groups to consume alcohol and engage in underage sex within the confines of the toilets. Or in a certain couple of cases it has been known to happen upon the stage, in the hallway and in the upstairs section and basically anywhere within in confines of the building.

  • Footnote: Towards the closure of the mission it was infact mostly used by said, neds (townies, chavs, etc) who were the building's main clientelle alongside intoxicated 10 year olds and emo kids with too much money and apparently too little love from their parents. (See Hunter's Square and Cockburn Street for a similar definition of the sub-culture.)
  • Footnote: This is factually inaccurate, Nirvana is said to have played at Studio 24 when it was known as The Calton Studios and it was in 1990. The Mission Club was not established at Studio 24 until 1999. Apart from that the rest still stands.

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