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Notable quotes[edit]

Quotations removed pending context and reliable third party sources which demonstrate actual notability, these probably belong on Wikiquote anyhow.
  • "A glance at the works of these two authors [Machiavelli and Tacitus] showed me that Machiavelli bases his Reason of State on lack of conscience and that Tiberius justified his cruelty and tyranny by an inhuman lex maiestatis and in other ways that would not have been tolerated by the most humble of women, still less by Romans, had not Cassius been the last of the Romans." -from the dedication
  • "A people must bestow upon their ruler such powers as are necessary for him maintain laws among them and defend them against the violence of their enemies: and he for his part, content with these powers, must not oppress his subjects with new taxes disproportionate to their means nor permit greedy ministers to increase the amount of ordinary taxation or to extort it by cruel methods. For when a people is burdened beyond its resources, either they leave the country of turn against the ruler or go over to an enemy power." - from Book I, chapter 14: "On justice between the king and the subjects"
Perhaps {{original research}} was the wrong template, but I see undue weight being given here. For instance, rather than appending a list of quotes below a one or two sentence stub, why not give context as to why the quotes are notable. Who says that they are notable? Where are the reliable sources beyond the original work? Burntsauce 16:31, 29 May 2007 (UTC)
Really, I don't think the quotes are notables, and I agree to remove from article. IMHO you should challenge the notability, not the original research saying it is notable, but I'm not sure that such template (notability without deletion request) exists. Cate | Talk 16:12, 30 May 2007 (UTC)