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The ministry of the Interior is no longer doing the census and does not make available the previous data. We got the url in 2009. You can't open the Ministry's site and click to this data file. Since we have it we better hang onto it while it lasts. We seem for the moment to have a special access. The censuses are now being done by a new organization reporting to the Greek Parliament. I will not ask why THAT was done. It does not even track the former demes. Let's say you open the database and want to select Therapnes in the 2001 census data. It isn't even there. The demes are the reformed ones; you can only get Sparti, and that Sparti is the reformed one, not the previous. I suppse you cannot implement a major change such as this without confusion. Someday they might correct that, but not now. So, all we can get for now is the 2001 census out the back door bootleg of the Ministry of the Interior. I'm just going to set it up as a cite web but after you get the download options up all you get for a source is the general ministry site. It no longer will give you the directory of the file. So, at some point it is going to just vanish but perhaps at that time it will be available elsewhere, if the Hellenic Statistical Authority can recover from its attack of confusion. As time goes on though we aren't going to want any data from the old Therapnes.Dave (talk) 15:35, 27 August 2011 (UTC)

More on the template[edit]

The reference is built into the template. I addressed the question in the discussion on that template. The template was up for deletion at one point but the discussion was inconclusive. There is a suggestion also that another template be used. Until all that is settled finally I am suggesting we take out the requirement to use the now badly inaccurate data file from the Ministry of the Interior's 2001 census. It is going to go dead after they finish redesigning their site anyway. The use of that feature keeps us from updating the data and also keeps us from finding other sources for communities demoted from deme status in 2010. It's up for discussion if you want to discuss. Otherwise I'll assume that because it is now a generator and perpetuator of errors it needs to come out.Dave (talk) 22:55, 27 August 2011 (UTC)