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Experimental table[edit]

along the lines of {{Phoenician glyph}}

name Proto-Germanic Anglo-Saxon Old Norse
*Tiwaz Tir Týr
shape Elder Futhark Futhorc Younger Futhark
Tiwaz rune.png
transliteration t
IPA [t]
Position: 17 12


This word is in the Old English Rune poem. It is possible that the meaning of the word "biþ" is more complected then simply "to be" or "it is". I am native to Iceland and there is something that feels wrong with this simplistic view. but perhaps this is simply my Modern Icelandic knowledge getting in the way. But here is my gut feeling for the word.

  • biþ
  1. to be
  2. it is
  3. asking to be
  4. waiting upon
  5. wishing upon