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Without immediately eliding subsection "Richard Hooker" under the larger section "Anglicanism," I'm seriously wondering what is the benefit of this sub-section? Reads more like an advertisement for the author's book, or introduction of a curious factoid (betcha didn't know this!). It adds nothing of substance to this Wiki page. It is distantly related to the topic only because someone, somewhere, did not ever mention the topic even though many people believe he did? How does this advance knowledge of the topic?

I submit this is more rightly placed on any of the following Wiki pages: 1. Richard Hooker 2. Factoid

Given the following subsection, "In Tractarianism," more properly deals with Richard Hooker in this Wiki page, I submit for discussion that this subsection titled "Richard Hooker" is promotional as advertisement for business. I recommend its removal as it does not edify the page at all and, should it need to be retained in Wikipedia, it should be relocated to either or both of the recommended pages, above.

Richard Naff