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edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for Wellington Partners:
Private Equity Task Force

Gtk-go-forward-ltr.svg Firm overview

  • Investment strategy
  • Investment geography
  • Offices, employees
  • Capital under management
  • Add an infobox: {{Infobox company}}
  • Add a company logo, if available: {{Infobox company}}

Gtk-go-forward-ltr.svg Firm history

  • Founding of the firm: founder(s), predecessor firm(s)
  • Investments: Sizeable or otherwise notable current or former investments
  • Fundraising: Investment funds, capital raised, fund vehicles, if possible
  • Other historical items: Controversies, spin-outs, name changes, geographic expansion, etc.

Gtk-go-forward-ltr.svg Portfolio investments

  • Listing of sizeable or otherwise notable current or former investments
  • Identify existing portfolio company articles and

Gtk-go-forward-ltr.svg References

  • Add newspaper or journal references to investments in portfolio companies
  • Add newspaper or journal references to new funds raised by the firm

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