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Edits by User:Bell163[edit]

I refer to a number of edits by User:Bell163, the latest of these being from 15 May 2014. I note that prior to rewriting the Wyke College page earlier today, the article had been written almost like an advertisement for the college, with very little referencing and very opinionated wording (for example using words such as exciting). Many statements had to be removed as they were not referenced at all.

After looking at the user's Wikipedia page, there is the name 'Annabel Robinson' and doing a quick internet search for this name reveals that there is currently an Annabel Robinson working as a Marketing Officer at Wyke College [1]. It seems that this user has only edited the Wyke College page. Although it is entirely possible, albeit unlikely, that the user is a different individual called Annabel Robinson with no direct connection to Wyke College, who happens to be merely interested in this article, it is highly likely that this user and the user working for the college are the same person.

Surely then this is a clear conflict of interest and that the user is not writing on an impartial basis? Astonishingly, her edits remained on the page for nearly three and a half years, with no attempt to rectify them. I cannot find anymore recent edits that have been made by this user, and I am wondering whether it would be too late now to issue a notice regarding their behaviour? I recognise that there was a notice on the page itself, dated February 2017, but I cannot find any evidence of the user who made these edits being directly notified about their behaviour.

Zoyetu (talk) 15:56, 15 October 2017 (UTC)

Probably too long after the event to be issuing notices as the user is no longer active. If the user returns, now that changes have been made to the page, then you should issue a warning to them. Keith D (talk) 23:19, 15 October 2017 (UTC)