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Federatsiya Tam Kui Khi-Kong (Russian Федерация Там Куи Кхи-конг) is a Moscow-based martial arts organization founded in 2006, promoting a Vietnamese martial art with the name Tam Quy Khí-Công, which translates to "Three Refuges Qigong" (Qigong being the Chinese term for "cultivation of life-energy". Tam Qui is presented as both a system of self-defense and system of psychophysical and spiritual training according to Pure Land Buddhism.

The federation's director, Thien Duyen (pseudonym of Igor Mikhnevich, Игорь Михневич), has practiced the art since the 1980s, and claims to be the student of one master Thit Nii Dien (or Zien), the last known practitioner of this otherwise unknown school of martial arts.

A section called "Khi-yoga" is martial arts therapy with a focus of strengthening of inner organs, tendon-ligamentous organs, musculoskeletal apparatus, acquisition of steady state of mind which is not liable to stress. The initial complex in Khi-yoga is nine exercises for the Khi-belt development.

Tam Qui School does not practice sparring fighting between students, because the spirit of the school and its ideology rule out competitiveness. To consolidate practical skills of fighting students practice twin exercises aimed at vision of an adversary, an ability to forecast his further actions and forestall them.

Reaching "the ninth degree" is the criterion of spiritual and physical development of a practicing. "Nine degree" is Khi-belt, Tao, Ground connection, twin exercises and other exercises which are canonical form in the Tam Qui Khi-Kong School. While getting exam for a particular stage a student has to do the program of all the previous stages. There are 60-second intervals between the stages. Thus, it is not enough simply to have good physical conditions. The ability to control psychological status and correct structure of a body are determinant.


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