Tamar Fattah Ramadhan Kuchar

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Tamar Fattah Ramadhan Kuchar
Governor of Dahuk
Assumed office
Appointed by Dahuk Provincial Council (PC)
Deputy Gurgis Shlaymun
Preceded by Nechirvan Ahmad
Personal details
Political party Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) [1]
Residence Governor's Mansion, Dahuk, Dahuk
Occupation Politician
Website Duhok Governorate

Tamar Fattah Ramadhan Kuchar is the current governor of Iraq's Dahuk province in Iraqi Kurdistan. He has been actively involved in further developing Dahuk's educational and infrastructure capabilities. According to a pro-Assyrian Christian news source, Governor Ramadhan was unresponsive and took no action in regards to several complaints filed by residents of an Assyrian village claiming that they were assaulted by a Kurd in April 2007.

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