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Tamba may refer to:


  • A traditional name given to the second born son in the Kono Tribe of Sierra Leone, West Africa. The first born is Sahr (Saah), the third born is Aiah (Eya), the fourth is Komba. The name order relates to a woman's second born son from a particular husband.
  • A name used by Kissi tribes in the triangle region of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, otherwise known as the Parrot's beak region. Tamba is the second boy's name from a mother. Saah is first, Fayiah is third, Fallah is fourth. The Kissi tribe also name their girl children in order of Siah, Kumbah, Finda, Tewah, and Yawah (first through fifth).
  • Tamba Hali, Liberia-born American football player
  • Tamba Salsaché, French-born International Salsa dancer and teacher based in the UK



There are also Tamb family names is Senegal, Gambia and Guinea