Tampa-Fort Brooke, Florida

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Tampa-Fort Brooke was a single census area recorded by the United States Census Bureau during the 1850 federal census with the title Tampa, including Fort Brooke.[1] It was designated to include Tampa and Fort Brooke, which were separate entities. The population recorded was 974.[1] Tampa, itself, wasn't returned separately by enumerators until 1870 when the town recorded a population of 796.[2] Fort Brooke wasn't returned separately until 1890, when the town recorded a population of 448.[3] Fort Brooke was annexed into Tampa in 1907.[4]


Of the 974 residents enumerated, 631 were White and 343 were African American (7 free and 336 slaves).[5] There were also 614 males and 360 females residing in the census area.[5]

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