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Tanja Tzarovska (Macedonian: Тања Царовска, pronounced [ˈtaɲa ˈtsarɔfska]; born 19 March in Resen, Macedonia) is a singer, song-writer, and composer. She currently lives in London, UK. As well as being described by her fans as "the girl with the angelic voice", she also writes original songs in English as well as singing traditional songs in her own language, specialising in Balkan and Byzantine harmonic styles.

Her voice and arrangements can be heard in the score of the Academy award-winning composer James Horner for Wolfgang Petersen's Troy, including the end titles duet with Josh Groban (produced by David Foster) and in the original score by the Academy award-winning composer Gabriel Yared (The English Patient) for Troy. She was the featured vocalist in Academy award-nominee John Debney's score for Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ and also collaborated with the same composer on his soundtrack for Sony PlayStation's Lair.

She appeared in 1 Giant Leap, the groundbreaking music/philosophy documentary film by Jamie Catto (Faithless) and Duncan Bridgeman. Tanja has recently contributed vocals to the score for director Milcho Manchevski's latest film Mothers as well as Microsoft's Bafta award-winning computer game Fable III.

She has worked and performed with Zohar, the group led by composer Erran Baron Cohen.

In her song-writing Tanja often combines Macedonian traditional melodies with her original contemporary English lyrics. She has just completed No Record of Wrong her first album of original songs and covers, to be released in the UK in May 2011.[1]