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Tanja Tzarovska (Macedonian: Тања Царовска, pronounced [ˈtaɲa ˈtsarɔfska]; born 19 March 1980 in Resen, Macedonia) is a singer, song-writer, and composer.[1] Her style is described as belonging to the Balkan and Byzantine harmonic genres, and her vocals have been described as "angelic".[1] In her song-writing Tanja often combines Macedonian traditional melodies with her original contemporary English lyrics. She has completed No Record of Wrong, her first album of original songs and covers, in 2010.[2] She performed a duet with Josh Groban for Wolfgang Petersen's Troy and was also the featured vocalist in John Debney's score for Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. She appeared in 1 Giant Leap, a music/philosophy documentary film by Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman, as well as Milcho Manchevski's latest film Mothers and the computer game Fable III.[1]