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Tanveer Ahmed
Occupation psychiatrist

Tanveer Ahmed (born 1975) is a Bangladeshi born Australian doctor working as a psychiatrist. He has worked previously as a journalist and television presenter.

Early life[edit]

Ahmed was born in Bangladesh in 1975.[1] He and his parents moved to Australia in 1981,[2] and settled in Toongabbie, in the western suburbs of Sydney.[3] He won a scholarship to Sydney Grammar School[4] and went on to the University of Sydney, where he studied medicine,[5] graduating in 2000. He also had a stint writing for the university's Honi Soit magazine. He represented the Australian Medical Association as the national representative for training doctors in 2006–07.[6]

Media career[edit]

Besides being a doctor, Ahmed has also been a journalist for SBS TV[7] and appeared regularly on radio and television discussing issues pertaining to multiculturalism and mental health issues. He has been a regular contributor to major newspapers, most commonly the Sydney Morning Herald.

In 2007, Ahmed appeared as the Bingo Commissioner in Seven Network's game show, National Bingo Night.[8]

In 2011 his memoir, entitled The Exotic Rissole, was published by NewSouth Publishing. Josh Radnor wrote in The Canberra Times that "one thing is clear from reading The Exotic Rissole: Ahmed is a skilled storyteller who offers many valuable insights into the human experience."[9] The Sydney Morning Herald's Michael Wilding calls it "a gentle and genial memoir of the migrant experience."[10] Tory Shepherd gave it a 2 1/2 star review in The Advertiser.[11] Graham Clark of The Courier Mail describes it as a "rich mix of a multicultural world".[12]

Ahmed's contributions to the Sydney Morning Herald were discontinued after he was exposed as a serial plagiarist, who had repeatedly presented work from other sources as his own.[13] In September 2012, "Media Watch has identified six other articles by Tanveer Ahmed, including one written for the website Mamamia, which contain passages lifted from other sources," the program found.[14]

In December 2016 Connor Court published his book Fragile Nation: Vulnerability, Resilience and Victimhood, observations of Australian society based on his work as a psychiatrist.[15]

Other roles[edit]

Ahmed was an appointee to the Advertising Standards Bureau board between 2006 and 2011[16] and served as an UN ambassador against domestic violence via becoming a White Ribbon Day ambassador.[17] He was chosen as one of one hundred future leaders of Australia under the age of 40 to attend the Future Forum in 2006.[16]

He was appointed to the Council for Multicultural Australia in August 2011.[18]

In February 2015, his article relating to domestic violence[19][20] caused controversy which resulted in an examination of his role as a "White Ribbon Ambassador" for the Australian White Ribbon Campaign.[21][22] Following criticism of his views expressed in the article, he was subsequently suspended as a 'White Ribbon Ambassador'[23] and was sacked by The Australian over a plagiarism allegation.[24]

Political career[edit]

Ahmed stood unsuccessfully the Liberal Party in Marrickville Council for the 2008 New South Wales local council elections.[25]

On 8 September 2012, Ahmed was elected as a Liberal Party councillor for the inner-west Sydney municipality of City of Canada Bay for a four-year term. His election was confirmed on 13 September 2012.[26]

Personal life[edit]

He and his wife Alina have two daughters.[27]


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